About us

At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are executing fast, enabled by modern software tools seamlessly integrated into a fully automated tech foundation surrounded by streamlined processes that scale. Innovation thrives at companies like that and work quickly becomes addictive.

At others, it feels impossible to get things done. No one has an overview of all the software tools being used, who has data access and how does the tools work together. People lose sight of the operational process and everyone starts pulling in different direction – or stop pulling at all.

Oveo creates cloud-based software on a subscription basis that enable any company in any industry to succeed as a SaaS-powered workplace.


We started Oveo to help companies around the world streamline their operational tech foundation and in turn boost employee innovation, productivity and engagement. We believe employees should be able to engage with the tools they need, when they need them and management should have full visibility into tech spend, utilisation and compliance for continued optimisation of the operational foundation. 

Michael Fornander

CEO & CO-Founder

Michael is an experienced tech-entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in building and scaling B2B SaaS startups. He recently returned from San Francisco after exiting his latest B2B SaaS business, which he scaled to a team of 70 employees and enterprise customers across both Europe and North America.

Morten Søndergaard

CIO & CO-Founder

Morten is experienced as Vice President in companies of Product Management, Digital Strategy, Strategic Product Management & Digital transformation.
The last 12 years he has delivered market leading software solutions for Deltek, Sitecore and Adform and has deep insight on how to build and scale Experience Management Platforms.


Oveo is proudly supported by leading investors

Ole Andersen, Angel Investor

“As an angel investor, you train your ability to assess if a company holds the rare combination of drive, commercial understanding, and technical competencies necessary to make it in an industry, or not. Two years ago, when I met the team behind Oveo, I immediately recognised these abilities, and that combined with the strength in their strategy, and their market position, made it a clear cut choice to invest in the company’s continued progress. Oveo addresses a global need for software-optimisation, that on savings alone is worth the monetary investment a client makes, whilst contributing to a more structured and efficient working environment.”

Helle Uth, Co-Founder and General Partner at PreSeed Ventures

“The implementation of subscription-based software products is a continuous trend with no indication of subsiding in the future. In relation to this trend, companies lack the necessary tools to create an overview of the usage, security, and costs of their software systems. We believe that Oveo has managed to create that very tool. Another core reason why we decided to invest in Oveo, is their team. As experienced entrepreneurs, we know that they have the necessary competencies to overcome inevitable challenges on their way to becoming an international, scalable company. In short – we believe that Oveo’s product and their team holds the potential to achieve just that.”

Per Møller, Managing Partner at 70Ventures

“We see a growing need for these kinds of tools. The widespread growth of SaaS across companies of all sizes is a leading indicator of the market need for Oveo. As business’ investments in SaaS increase, they lose visibility into issues ranging from spending to security.”