Features and Benefits

Oveo SaaS Management is fast, easy and automated, providing you full visibility into SaaS spend, usage and compliance.

SaaS Spend & Usage Tracking

Instantly find savings and stop paying for duplicate licenses and software no longer in use. Discover hidden subscription costs in minutes.

  • Forecast with Confidence
  • Surface SaaS Payments
  • Proactively Optimize Spend

SaaS Discovery

Great SaaS Subscription Management starts with complete data. Discover and track every app being used and establish a single source of truth that is automatically kept up to date.

  • App detection across teams and departments
  • Subscription owner detection and category identifier
  • Payment discovery in real time

Vendor Management

Have your SaaS contracts lined up so you never miss a renewal. Set up alerts and approval processes that work for you and keep SaaS costs under control.

  • Vendor approval and evaluation workflows
  • Automated SaaS contract management
  • Vendor meta-data enrichment in real time

Insights & Recommendations

Get the data and insights you need to make informed decisions from top management down to individual tools and team apps.

  • Data breakdown by app, employee, team or department
  • Act on insights to lower cost and improve productivity
  • Provide the right information to the right people

Complete SaaS Vendor Database

The Oveo SaaS vendor database is an updated list of SaaS Services, with product and pricing information and compliance status.

  • Get updates on changes in terms or pricing from vendors you follow
  • Fast-track vendor approval with our pre-vetted vendor list
  • Optimize your tech stack by adding the best and most popular tools

More Features


  • Company-Wide App Detection
  • SaaS Usage & Spend Tracking
  • SaaS Insights


  • Manage Contracts & Renewals
  • Vendor Management Workflows
  • SaaS Budget & Forecasting


  • License Provisioning
  • Compliance & Access Audits
  • SaaS Vendor Recommendations